Case Study: Communicating in a Global Work Environment

The Challenge

A Chinese-born female executive at a major global pharmaceutical company was highly regarded for her academic and business accomplishments. An M.D. as well as an MBA, her job - evaluating new releases and positioning them with key opinion leaders within the industry – was critical to the organization’s success.

Yet despite her professional stature, management was frustrated by her inability to effectively communicate key messages with impact and passion. She was often silent at meetings, letting others make minor points while she sat on the sidelines, hesitant and shy. At other times she would ramble or laugh nervously, undercutting the significance of her contribution. In short, her manager didn’t understand why this candidate wasn’t more forceful and persuasive in group settings.

The KNH Solution

Initial coaching objectives focused on increasing her executive presence, helping her articulate major points and gain a better understanding of how to effectively function in an American business climate.

Specifically, to assist the executive in preparing for a presentation at a global sales conference, KNH Associates utilized structured conversations, media coaching techniques and video tape. Her resulting performance was considered the week’s high point.

Back at the office, she learned methods to better introduce and interject her ideas at team meetings, as well as tips to improve her platform presentation skills. These new-found skills carried over into how she managed her team, resulting in clearer expectations and improved group performance. Most importantly, she gained a deeper understanding of how to create messages that let her smarts shine.

At the conclusion of the coaching engagement, she was receiving rave reviews from her manager, and has since been given additional responsibilities and stretch assignments.