Case Study: Coaching in the Financial Services Industry

The Challenge

He was an unstoppable salesman who understood Latin American debt better than anyone else. While others on Wall Street faltered and fell, he continued to generate revenue that not only beat the previous year, but left the current year’s target in the dust. His leadership model for his team was one of aggressive, results-driven energy.

Yet his manager found him overly temperamental, arrogant, impossible to supervise, and too much of a maverick to safely put in front of potential clients. In turn, the candidate felt that his manager was weak, with relatively little knowledge of the markets he was supposed to cover. In short, he dismissed the issue as political, based not on his own performance, but on his boss’s shortcomings.

The KNH Solution

To help the candidate gain a new perspective, KNH conducted an extensive, interview- based 360. The results were a revelation – his team felt exactly as his manager did. They described him as a “bull in a china shop,” believing that his poor relationship with his manager damaged the team’s chances of success and unfairly influenced how they were viewed by senior management.

Yet the candidate had prided himself on how devoted his team was to him, believing that his confident and strong direction was always in their best interest. After hearing their feedback, he made substantive shifts in his behavior, determined to repair the relationship with his manager and better position his team within the organization.

His efforts earned him a promotion while expanding his tool kit to that of a leader, rather than just the manager and individual contributor he used to be.