Success Stories

Case Study: Executive Development for High Potentials

She had a MBA from Harvard, a Masters in engineering and an undergraduate degree in marketing. She was on the partner track at one of the world’s premier management consulting practices. And yet she chose to take a break from client work, volunteering instead to head the firm’s recruitment efforts on college campuses.

Using a proprietary diagnostic, KNH worked with the candidate to identify her hot buttons, blind spots, and core values. The candidate discovered that she was bringing expectations to the workplace that no organization could meet. Her drive for acceptance conflicted with her equally strong need for independence, creating mixed messages that management often misread as a lack of ambition.

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Case Study: Communicating in a Global Work Environment

A Chinese-born female executive at a major global pharmaceutical company was highly regarded for her academic and business accomplishments. An M.D. as well as an MBA, her job - evaluating new releases and positioning them with key opinion leaders within the industry – was critical to the organization’s success.

Initial coaching objectives focused on increasing her executive presence, helping her articulate major points and gain a better understanding of how to effectively function in an American business climate.

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Case Study: Coaching in the Financial Services Industry

He was an unstoppable salesman who understood Latin American debt better than anyone else. While others on Wall Street faltered and fell, he continued to generate revenue that not only beat the previous year, but left the current year’s target in the dust. His leadership model for his team was one of aggressive, results-driven energy.

To help the candidate gain a new perspective, KNH conducted an extensive, interview- based 360. The results were a revelation – his team felt exactly as his manager did. They described him as a “bull in a china shop,” believing that his poor relationship with his manager damaged the team’s chances of success and unfairly influenced how they were viewed by senior management.

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