How do you measure success in coaching?

Success in coaching is measured the same way that all business initiatives are measured – what’s the result and return on investment? Metrics in coaching should focus on both benefit to the client organization and shifts in the leadership style of the candidate.

For the organization, there is an increase in retention, with an accompanying decrease in recruitment and on boarding expense. This is true not only for the executive being coached, but for his or her team.

Sometimes the result is an observed change in behavior. For example, a leader who worked in isolation is suddenly perceived as the “go-to” person. Or there is a noticeable difference in the level of confidence and passion that a key executive brings to meetings, noticed and commented on by senior management and their peers. They are asking for new stretch assignments, becoming known as a developer of their people, contributing to the pipeline of talent within the organization, rather than distracted by their own difficulties and complaints.