What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a process aimed at helping leaders and their teams achieve greater professional success.

Regardless of function or industry, KNH begins all coaching engagements by identifying objectives, and accompanying obstacles, success metrics and action steps keyed to specific business objectives. A well managed engagement includes a contracting meeting with senior management and the candidate, as well as regularly scheduled “check-ups” with Human Resources and the manager to gauge progress against objectives. KNH then selects diagnostic and assessment tools based on the needs and leadership style of the candidate. This stage of coaching is focused on increasing self awareness with the goal of generating practical strategies and new tactics. A customized interview based 360 is used to collect data on how the executive is perceived, or misperceived, across stake holder groups. A new coaching plan is generated from the resulting report, including specific action steps and metrics of success. A final contracting meeting reviews progress to date and outlines areas of further development.