Why do communication skills matter so much now?

Two major trends have radically transformed how we communicate at work. The first is, of course, the impact of technology. From email to IM to text to video conferencing – these all demand a much more evolved ability to identify key messages, sequence them in order of importance to the audience, and deliver them with impact. Not to mention accomplishing all this in very few characters, three to five bullets on a slide or via web cam in two minutes.

The second radical shift is how global our workplace has become. Understanding each other is not so much a matter of growing accustomed to different accents; it’s becoming more acclimated to how different cultures express ideas. Cross-cultural work teams learn that interruption, debate, silence, questioning your peers and many other communication habits we take for granted are treated differently according to where you’re from.

KNH works with executives and teams to not let how they communicate interfere with the power of their message. Drawing tools from various disciplines, including media coaching and presentation skills training, we help insure maximum impact and memorability in all your interactions – whether a stand up presentation to hundreds or a water cooler catch-up chat with the CEO.